Random musing on a lazy Sunday afternoon: Plato vs Aristotle.

I was just going through my library shelves just now when I noticed that my collection on Plato (around ten books plus the complete works) far outweighs that of Aristotle (two books). It was then that I remembered that I read somewhere that one is either a Platonist or an Aristotelian. Well no surprise who I’m partial to.  Continue reading “Random musing on a lazy Sunday afternoon: Plato vs Aristotle.”


Berdialog dengan Gereja (Dialoguing with the Church): A book review

CHRISTIAN-Muslim relations in the past few years have been sorely tested over the Allah controversy. Into this breach comes the unlikely figure of Mujahid Rawa. Since 2010, the Member of Parliament (Paris Buntar) has been involved in a series of dialogues with churches in an attempt to heal strained relations between both faith communities. Coming from PAS with its Islamist credentials, he comes across as a surprising agent of reconciliation.  Continue reading “Berdialog dengan Gereja (Dialoguing with the Church): A book review”

Why Mills and Orwell matter: Reflections on the Allah judgement

Today I decided to write because I’m upset. I’m upset because the Appeals Court have ruled that the Catholic newspaper, The Herald, have no right to use the Malay word “Allah” in the Malay section of the paper (you can read the news here and the background to this sorry mess here). 

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On Zizek and all that fuss about theory: Random musing on a Monday morning

imagesThe Slovenian theorist, Slavoj Zizek, is considered one of the hottest thinker in the field of social theory today. Inevitably, if you are highly praised as “the rockstar of theory”, sooner or later somebody would come along and denounce you as a peddler of theoretical junk. In this case the battle between the giants, i.e. Chomsky and Zizek debate, where Chomsky accuses Zizek as being unworthy of being called as a thinker while Zizek fires back accusing Chomsky of, what do you expect, the same thing. (You can read about their exchange here)

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I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

Today, I look back on  a piece I wrote a few years back. It’s quite a personal piece as I reflected on my faith journey. In that piece – you can read it here – I wrote that I’m a Christian in the evangelical tradition. However, through time, I found myself discomforted with that tradition.  Continue reading “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”

What have Rome to do with Jerusalem?

12159738287xIB51Tertullian, the second century Church Father, famously asked “What have Athens to do with Jerusalem?” where he famously decried the influence of pagan philosophy into faith. Rephrasing this quote, I wish to ask what have “Rome to do with Jerusalem?” In short, I want to ask should faith be separated from politics?

In the past few months, we have witnessed this question emerging in the public sphere with some coming out against the faithful involving their faith into the political sphere while others argued that such a divorce is not an option … if one wants to be a faithful disciple. Continue reading “What have Rome to do with Jerusalem?”